“We’ve been working with Joy and it’s been great. In a short time, she’s helped us organize our affairs, review both our Last Wills, create contact lists of friends, family, doctors, and whomever else might need to be contacted in the event of anything happening to either of us. We all have an idea of how we want our stuff handled and organized, but never quite get around to it. Joy helped push us toward that idea and was always there to think of the things we’d forgotten. More than anything else, this process has given the both of us the peace of mind that if something does happen; our families and friends will be able to find everything they’d need to handle anything from our final wishes to a list of our everyday expenses. We would recommend Joy’s services to anyone of any age. She’s really been a big help.”
—Lois B., Falls Church, VA

“Joy has been the financial advisor to my 95 year old father for [four] years. Without a family member living nearby, Joy has stepped in as our proxy and has brought our family peace of mind, as a result.  She cheerfully performs tasks that need to be done, many of her own volition.  She has taken a personal interest in Dad that has made the difference between impersonal and loving care.  I could not recommend Joy more highly.”
—Steve, Dallas, TX

“My law practice includes a number of elderly clients, some of whom are under guardianship and some of whom just need assistance to maintain their financial affairs. Joy Gilstrap has assisted me with many clients over many years, and has always delivered responsible, thoughtful and personal service to each one. She can identify issues, and develop plans to address those issues so that accounts are maintained and expenses paid. She can create a system so that the client knows when to expect bills from different vendors and be prepared to take care of them, as well as to notice if a bill does not arrive at the expected time and may need some follow-up. She can assist clients in managing medical expenses, by identifying primary and secondary insurance coverage and making sure all of the appropriate policies have contributed before the client determines the balance that may be due. Her services have been invaluable to my clients, and I recommend her without qualification.”
—Margaret, Herndon, VA

“Joy really came through for us when the chips were down.  My parents became ill simultaneously and within 15 months both passed—Joy helped untangle complicated situations, financial and otherwise, with alacrity, good humor and grace. I couldn’t imagine having gotten through it all without her!”
—Jim, Annandale, VA

“For several years now, Joy is my go-to-person whenever I discover a client or friend in need of assistance in their personal or business administration.  She delivers compassionate, sensitive, and extremely competent service in every situation I send to her.  She gets high marks from me in communication, cost savings, and patience.  Joy works exceptionally well in communicating and collaborating with the professional advisors of her client to assure that everyone is working in the best interest of her client.  I wish there were ten more of her.”
—Robert, Gainesville, VA

“Joy Gilstrap has been a gift to my father and my family.  She not only has been a trusted financial advisor to my Dad, she has also been a wonderful friend to him.  Joy has communicated to my brothers and me about Dad so well over the years, and we have turned to her for help on many occasions.  She has always come through for us.  Joy’s financial knowledge and recommendations have allowed my father to be extremely financially secure.”
—Nora, NC ​​​

“We really appreciate all your help over the last few years. It has really helped him to maintain his independence and has given us a lot of peace of mind to know that he’s paying his bills and his taxes and staying on top of financial matters. Having you help with this move was invaluable—we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks so much for making time to help us coordinate everything. All my best. We will miss working with you!”
—Rachel, CA

“Many thanks for all you did today.  I’m writing especially for you straightening me out for my checkbooks. I obviously need you!!! Thank you!”
—Helen, Vienna, VA

“Wow, Joy, you certainly had a productive day with our Dad.  Thanks for the important work you did.”
—Lynne,  Reston, VA