Services include:

  • Bill-paying, including calling to correct statements, and preparing checks for client’s signature
  • Balancing checkbooks: monitoring cash flow, organizing bank records
  • Preparing and delivering bank deposits
  • Organizing tax documents and other paperwork
  • Monitoring medical insurance papers and verifying proper processing of claims
  • Serving as liaison to tax, financial, and estate planners
  • Providing referrals to legal, tax, and investment professionals
  • General assistance with getting organized
  • Facilitating a move
  • Other services upon request

​Benefits of using our services include:

  • Avoiding late and overdraft fees
  • Having paperwork organized without any hassle
  • Reducing stress
  • Gaining more time for family and friends
  • Receiving peace of mind

What makes our services unique:

  • We travel to your home or office
  • We provide services when you need them — weekly, monthly, or on the schedule that best suits you
  • We customize our services to meet your individual needs

Whom our services are ideal for:

  • Seniors
  • Recently widowed spouses
  • Divorced adults
  • Busy professionals
  • Frequent travelers
  • Adult children with aging parents
  • Anyone who wants assistance with personal business matters

​​Is it time to hire a daily money manager?